lunes, 30 de enero de 2012

Different monday!

Today is a special day for two good reasons, one of them is because on of my best friends Myr returns to home after a looot of time in Bolivia, I need her near to me and I have a lot of things to do with her. Today I have to get to the airport but at the end with all the problem with Spanair she has no flights and she will return by car with her dad. 

The other good news is the Royal Rumble event! it takes place yesterday and tomorrow we can see it on the tv with a big meal to celebrated it :D

Well, and it's 15:00 and I have a lot of hours to make the day even better than it is being :)

domingo, 29 de enero de 2012

Weekends to remember

Saturday and sunday are the two days for me to be me all day, well I work on saturday's morning but it's totally diferent than the rest of the week. For this reason I try to have a good time and smile and don't think that on monday we have to work!

Well, this weekend has been special because one of my best friends Maite, my cupcake :p, come to visit us, and Ale tattooed her :). She makes spinach pizza and we saw Lords of Dogtown (ale loves skateboarding), and we laugh so much all day of course hehe :) Today it was great too, watching wrestling, drawing and sewing, quiet day but a really good day and weekend :)

mr Plunkett doing what he does best :)

little mermaid, in process

my daughter's butterfly
I find this super lovely sweater on tumblr, and difinitely I need it

these days are still very cold, and we went out in style <3

rest on the sofa is a great pleasure, with Ale more <3

as all of you know...forest fruit are kate's obsession

after a brilliant weekend it's time to see Bones and go to sleep :D, lady gi is adorable :D  

                                                              The song for today :)

viernes, 27 de enero de 2012

Friday love things

One of my hobbies are basically surfing the internet specially on tumblr, flickr and blogspot of course :P. I like to reblog pics on tumblr, upload my pics on flickr and save a lot of pics ( love colorful pics, pastel colors, cute sweetie things :P ). I saw a lot of blogs that dedicated one day of the week to lovely things that they find on the net, and I wanted to do something similiar with mine :P

For this first special section I want to mention a few blogs that I follow more and I have a special addiction, here you have:



Kaylah is a sweetie girl that have a lot of colours on her hair, love cats and nature and it's an apassionate of collect things (she specially love owls). I follow her since a long time ago and seems a really kindly and lovely person. She has a lot of pretty things that she collects, a lot of pics of her cats and a lot of colour hairs with advices to dye yours. Enjoy her blog!


Kaelah is a lovely girl with a looot of clothes and adorable Jeffrey Campbell shoes. I don't remember how I find her blog but since I find it I was a totally fan :) 

I have to emphasize all the looks that she shows on her blog with all the details (dress, shoes, etc), and I love her house and specially her shoes collection that grows and grows every day :)


How can I say about this artist? well, it's my husband, and I adore and admire his can think " well you love it 'cause you are here wife " in part it's true of course, but he has works or draws that I don't like, and I'm the first to make a critical and I'm very strict with him. He has a lot of talent and apart of the tattoo studio boom I hope that we can get away and make more and more than now.

A personal old school style, with an autodidactic method and improving day by have to see his work :) hope you like it and enjoy it!



Kim is a lovely cute girl that make amazing draws and recently is tattooing too :), I find her via flickr with an black and white draws with matrioshkas, flowers, coffeepots and Totoros that are all of them so fucking lovely, I'm a fan of her work and I hope to be tattooed by her one day <3 I can say anything more, just take a look at her blog and enjoy!


jueves, 26 de enero de 2012

Long Tall Texans

I adore more than one psychobilly band, but if I have to value one of them I have to chose Long Tall Texans for a lot of aspects not only the music that they make. I love double bass sound and if it's Mark Carew that plays it I can dye because he has the most splendid smile on his face all the day, if you are sad or annoyed for something you only have to see him and change your face in to a big smile.

Thanks so much Mark to be as you are and specially to have the big band that you have :)

Here you have a few songs from them, enjoy it and of course...smiling 

                                                                        " Bloody " 

                                                                     " Border Radio "

                                                         " It really doesn't bother me "

                                                          " Why did you lie to me? "

                                                                " One more time "

one of my favorite pics ever  <3

miércoles, 25 de enero de 2012

Adorable people

Life is better when you have people around you that makes you smile and if you can do the same even it's better. I look like my mum in many aspects and take care of my friends it's one of them :)

Friends are not only for the good times, when you really know that a friend is a good friend is overall in bad times, and it's not necessary that the person stays phsysically, it's like a spiritual connection with the other, you don't need to see it to know that is with you.

Sometimes worrying too much is not good but I try to give everything for my friends ( everything that it's on my hands, of course :P)

viernes, 20 de enero de 2012

forever 13

A casual walk through the city

just good company, a forest fruit ice cream and walk :)

Flogging Molly

One of my favorite groups, I adore it and I'm waiting to see them again for third time...hope it can be really soon :P

it's difficult to put only one song, for this reason I put more than one hehe

" Float " I can say the best for's more than a song it's the spirit that helps you to take forces and make everything and don't allow the life pass along. Live the life at the best way that you can. It's really important...and for this reason I have it tattooed on my skin :)

" Blak friday rule " An amazing song, thats all I can say

" Tobacco island " I can say the same than the previous one

" Laura " It's the song that I've been waiting, the song that I have to see before I die, I love it and the fact that my first name is Laura influence a lot :)

And to finish my tribute...

Big skies

I love to take pics, specially concerts but the skies are something amazing too


All pics by me, more here :)