viernes, 20 de enero de 2012

Flogging Molly

One of my favorite groups, I adore it and I'm waiting to see them again for third time...hope it can be really soon :P

it's difficult to put only one song, for this reason I put more than one hehe

" Float " I can say the best for's more than a song it's the spirit that helps you to take forces and make everything and don't allow the life pass along. Live the life at the best way that you can. It's really important...and for this reason I have it tattooed on my skin :)

" Blak friday rule " An amazing song, thats all I can say

" Tobacco island " I can say the same than the previous one

" Laura " It's the song that I've been waiting, the song that I have to see before I die, I love it and the fact that my first name is Laura influence a lot :)

And to finish my tribute...

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