viernes, 27 de enero de 2012

Friday love things

One of my hobbies are basically surfing the internet specially on tumblr, flickr and blogspot of course :P. I like to reblog pics on tumblr, upload my pics on flickr and save a lot of pics ( love colorful pics, pastel colors, cute sweetie things :P ). I saw a lot of blogs that dedicated one day of the week to lovely things that they find on the net, and I wanted to do something similiar with mine :P

For this first special section I want to mention a few blogs that I follow more and I have a special addiction, here you have:



Kaylah is a sweetie girl that have a lot of colours on her hair, love cats and nature and it's an apassionate of collect things (she specially love owls). I follow her since a long time ago and seems a really kindly and lovely person. She has a lot of pretty things that she collects, a lot of pics of her cats and a lot of colour hairs with advices to dye yours. Enjoy her blog!


Kaelah is a lovely girl with a looot of clothes and adorable Jeffrey Campbell shoes. I don't remember how I find her blog but since I find it I was a totally fan :) 

I have to emphasize all the looks that she shows on her blog with all the details (dress, shoes, etc), and I love her house and specially her shoes collection that grows and grows every day :)


How can I say about this artist? well, it's my husband, and I adore and admire his can think " well you love it 'cause you are here wife " in part it's true of course, but he has works or draws that I don't like, and I'm the first to make a critical and I'm very strict with him. He has a lot of talent and apart of the tattoo studio boom I hope that we can get away and make more and more than now.

A personal old school style, with an autodidactic method and improving day by have to see his work :) hope you like it and enjoy it!



Kim is a lovely cute girl that make amazing draws and recently is tattooing too :), I find her via flickr with an black and white draws with matrioshkas, flowers, coffeepots and Totoros that are all of them so fucking lovely, I'm a fan of her work and I hope to be tattooed by her one day <3 I can say anything more, just take a look at her blog and enjoy!


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