jueves, 26 de enero de 2012

Long Tall Texans

I adore more than one psychobilly band, but if I have to value one of them I have to chose Long Tall Texans for a lot of aspects not only the music that they make. I love double bass sound and if it's Mark Carew that plays it I can dye because he has the most splendid smile on his face all the day, if you are sad or annoyed for something you only have to see him and change your face in to a big smile.

Thanks so much Mark to be as you are and specially to have the big band that you have :)

Here you have a few songs from them, enjoy it and of course...smiling 

                                                                        " Bloody " 

                                                                     " Border Radio "

                                                         " It really doesn't bother me "

                                                          " Why did you lie to me? "

                                                                " One more time "

one of my favorite pics ever  <3

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