domingo, 29 de enero de 2012

Weekends to remember

Saturday and sunday are the two days for me to be me all day, well I work on saturday's morning but it's totally diferent than the rest of the week. For this reason I try to have a good time and smile and don't think that on monday we have to work!

Well, this weekend has been special because one of my best friends Maite, my cupcake :p, come to visit us, and Ale tattooed her :). She makes spinach pizza and we saw Lords of Dogtown (ale loves skateboarding), and we laugh so much all day of course hehe :) Today it was great too, watching wrestling, drawing and sewing, quiet day but a really good day and weekend :)

mr Plunkett doing what he does best :)

little mermaid, in process

my daughter's butterfly
I find this super lovely sweater on tumblr, and difinitely I need it

these days are still very cold, and we went out in style <3

rest on the sofa is a great pleasure, with Ale more <3

as all of you know...forest fruit are kate's obsession

after a brilliant weekend it's time to see Bones and go to sleep :D, lady gi is adorable :D  

                                                              The song for today :)

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