martes, 28 de febrero de 2012

red shooting

On sunday I made a photo shooting to Myr because the last that we made it was like 3 years we have to renewed :P I'm so proud with the result, here you have a few pics that I have time to retouch but maybe I have more to come :P

I love this pic so much, I don't like Courtney Love but in this pic she reminds me her

Ginebra here is like Joker...flash is not good for a white cat haha
We have a really good time togheter, I want to repeat it soon :)

lunes, 27 de febrero de 2012

Pirate band

Last week we missed carnival so this saturday night make our private carnival at home! Myr cooked and after we dressed up like pirates with eye patch, headscarf and pirate flag too :D

If you want to know more information about real pirates look this page ;)

My best :)

Myr makes mexican food :) and we saw Pirates of Caribbean 

And here the pirate pictures :)

Ginebra was a pirate too but she doesn't like it haha

ginger week

It's monday and I don't like mondays everybody knows haha :P but I have a lot of stuff to show because this week has been brilliant because Myr stay with us and we need to recover the time that we were separated :)

We talk a lot, tattooed (Ale mades a design for us really beautiful <3 but only have time to tattooed her not me), watch movies, take pictures, and eat a lot and well :) She need it and me too, I love her so much and we discovered yesterday that we met each other like 7 years ago or more!!!!

this shoe shop has always amazing shop window :)

pastel cutie rabbits <3

sweetie girls :)

zombie cocktail from Ale

sunday morning we have the visit of Pol and he brings a delicious orange cake and Ale made pancakes too :D too much sugar for our bodies :S 

Ginebra loves the good weather and she seems that she makes fotosintesi all the day in the sun :P

sábado, 25 de febrero de 2012

Shooting I by stereosound

Monday we were shooting in Sabadell, it was my first shoot in a profesional place! One of my best friends, Nani is studying design and fashion and she made a reserve in one of their studio rooms :) I prefer to take pictures than someone took it to me but it was funny and with Maite we have a really good afternoon :)

I only put the first pics because there are more to come :P