martes, 14 de febrero de 2012

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Well today is Valentine's day and we have two fronts: people that love this date and on the other hand people that hate this...and I'm in the middle because I think that you don't need a specific day like Christhmas to show my love for my close friends and family, if I want to give a present I make it when I want not when somebody or a tradition has imposed to me.

In this case my husband and I celebrates our anniversary all 13th of each month, specially the 13 of december that was the "official" date :)

The meaning of the title is for the seconds and the months that we are together :P if you want to do it or want to know any year in minutes hours..I used an spanish site but there are a lot of pages that do the same :)

pd. we make pizza in heart shapped and it was delicious :P

I love this pic <3

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  1. No te gustará St Valentin pero bien que te gustó la pizza ;)