miércoles, 8 de febrero de 2012

20th Psychobilly Meeting!!!!

Who would have thought twenty years ago that this small reunion of a few friends in a village of the coast of Barcelona would end up like a celebration of many years...That these idea would lead to a yearly reunion of a lot of PSYCHOBILLIES from all over the world ……. where we can find the the best PSYCHOBILLY bands ever who make our dreams come true..

Every year again we have a great time and we end up with lots of great memories, a lof of experience which have made us who we are now, and have taught us the way of wanting to create our own festival on our own way..With our imagination and with your support we made it work!

For this 20 th edition we have the presence of 33 bands that we think are a bit of history from all these years, and new talents. There will be a lof of surprises which will be revealed little by little..
Again this year we will count withl your unconditional support and we would like all of you to join us and celebrate our 20th anniversary!



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