lunes, 27 de febrero de 2012

ginger week

It's monday and I don't like mondays everybody knows haha :P but I have a lot of stuff to show because this week has been brilliant because Myr stay with us and we need to recover the time that we were separated :)

We talk a lot, tattooed (Ale mades a design for us really beautiful <3 but only have time to tattooed her not me), watch movies, take pictures, and eat a lot and well :) She need it and me too, I love her so much and we discovered yesterday that we met each other like 7 years ago or more!!!!

this shoe shop has always amazing shop window :)

pastel cutie rabbits <3

sweetie girls :)

zombie cocktail from Ale

sunday morning we have the visit of Pol and he brings a delicious orange cake and Ale made pancakes too :D too much sugar for our bodies :S 

Ginebra loves the good weather and she seems that she makes fotosintesi all the day in the sun :P

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