viernes, 16 de marzo de 2012

Friday favorites: I wanted it all!

Well som days out of this...but uffff classwork stress me a lot and I don't do anything interesting this days, I'm a bit tired too :(

Like many people I can't enter into pages like Etsy or Ebay because you want all that you see and the majority are not important or are only useless things, but it's intentional, I like to surf on the internet specially to see preety things and things that you knows that you will never have 

So here you have a few little pretty things that I find :D enjoy it and if you it :)

Cute pullover with a cat <3

Pretty mold to put the rice and have the form of kitty's face

I don't like Star Wars (I'm the only person in the world that don't like it??) but this cuff links are so funny

Amazing ring from Chicago's city!!!

So so perfect!!! K and A like me and mr Plunkett <3<3

This amazing cut out from Alaska

Another cut out but in this case for Halloween

I'm a fan of  Monster High and this new doll is so beautiful

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