viernes, 30 de marzo de 2012

Friday Favorites: in love with etsy shop

So I look at etsy shop everyday and fortunately I don't buy all I see but it's dificult to don't do it :P. For this reason today is the etsy day! Here you have things that I find on it and surely you want!

So in love with this t-shirt...but it's too short, I wanted without cuts :S

Great card, it has to look so good in poster size on the wall :)

Curious comb with peacock form

Original idea for a coat rack for the children and not children too hehe :P
I want a cake only to put all this beautiful butterflys on it!!!! I'm so in love <3

I like dreamcatchers and this anklet is so cute for the foot :)

Amazing top!
I love a lot of big plugs but I don't want to damage my ears, so I have a large list of plugs in love :P

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