sábado, 3 de marzo de 2012

Friday favorites: films

I love to stay in the sofa with a good blanket, my husband and lady Ginebra of course :p watching tv and specially a movie :), and if we can go to the cinema it's better! Well in this case I want to speak about few movies that I love, there are many many more but I have to choose the best :P


I felt in love with David Bowie since I saw Labyrinth movie when I was around 4 :P it's magical and it's strange because I haven't see the original sense of the story for many years..I supposed I was so fascinated with Bowie and I can't see the rest :P hehehe 

Love Actually

This image says everything, so romantic :) This is my christhmas movie :P before it was Nightmare before Christhmas but I'm tired of musicals...so this is the perfect movie for this time of the year. A lot of relationships and many connections between them

Frankenstein, Mary Shelley

It seems like everybody loves frankenstein and his wife, I love it too but more the characters than the movies, but in this case Mary Shelley's version it's one of my favorite movies since I was a little child. And many years after seeing him I realized that it was Robert de Niro! one of my favorite actors!!! 


It's the most cute and adorable animal in the worldwide <3 I know him by Ale like 3 years ago when we have the opportunity to watch a reshowing at a vose cinema here in Barcelona. You fall in love with him when you see it and it's no strange hihihi :P. And Studio Ghibli has a lot of good movies for example Porco Rosso (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0104652/)


Cry Baby

Johnny Depp in a rude-bad mood...every girl in the world fall in love inmediately...But well, for me is more than this, yes I know that is a musical but oh god a "rocker" musical and leather jackets, red lips, bad girls vs pink blondes, stupid boys and really posh and snob people


Another film that everybody love and everybody think that is perfect and beautiful and bla bla bla...I love this movie and love his director too but it's not because Amelie is beautiful or cute..oh god no, specially the little details that she pays attention and the rest ignore, her fluent imagination, her view about the world and how dramatic and catastrophic can be and of course the colors, the rest of the characters and the lovely music of Yann Tiersen (http://www.filestube.com/a/amelie+bso)

Despicable me 

I have to accept that I fall in love with this movie when I saw Agnes the girl in the middle with the black hair...she reminds me so much <3 it's soooo lovely


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