viernes, 23 de marzo de 2012

Friday favorites

I'm in love with all accesorys and complements with ice cream and cupcake form, and this shelves is so fucking perfect as well
And this cupcake jars are so cute too, I have to learn how to do it and sell them <3
I have a lot of problems with shoes but Melissa and Viviene Westwood collection it's so amazing <3

I'm a big fan of Ursula witch of The Little Mermaid and this plush doll of her is so cute :)
Since I see this peas in Toy Story movie I fall in love
At home Duck is a really good fan of tiki culture, and this photo frame it's so cute with hula girls
I want some new t-shirts and these are so perfect...Duck buy me some please <3
I'm finding lately many customized shorts, and I want one to do the same because are so brilliant!
And this etsy shop is amazing!!!!! 

I do not use mini purses but those are impressive!!!

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