miércoles, 7 de marzo de 2012


I realized that I haven't mentioned anything about the weekend or post any pictures...really bad for my part :P

So here few pics about this last days :)

pink and green like we are <3

love this two crazy freaks <3

Sunday morning we went to the Cosmo Caixa center, the scientist museum, to saw the temporal exhibition of Gobi's Dinosaurs, it was amazing!!!! Just judge by the pics, and here you have more information:



I bought this lovely flamingo in Cosmo Caixa's shop, her name is Gina in honour to my lovely friend Jorx <3

Ginebra loves to stay in the yard, I love it too :)

Yummy juice from the Boqueria market :)

7th book of Marian Keyes, love this writer :)

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