lunes, 30 de abril de 2012

Photomanipulation: Christophe Gilbert

Christophe Gilbert is the Belgian talented advertising photograph and retoucher. In latest 80-s Christophe was working as an assistant of photographer, that specialized on automobiles. He says that idea is the main thing in photography. He calls himself a perfectionist and perpetual student.
He tells nothing about himself even at his own internet page. In one word he is a Man of Mystery.

Is considered one of the most retouch photographer in the world, just see and judge

viernes, 27 de abril de 2012

Friday Favorites

Here you have a few cute things that I find this week :)

Matryoshkas with cat forms :P

When I was a child I hate Sylvanian Families so so much (I don't know why but my mum told me that when I see a commercial on tv I start to cry and cry and shout haha :P) and I don't know because are all of them adorable <3 and this breaks my heart it's so lovely :P
Kat Von D has a big variety of products in Sephora's shop but doesn't arrive here :(, when I see this lipstick I fall in love...lipstick with metallic effect :D and red so fucking red :D
more info here:

We have to make a stamp for the tattoo studio...and searching on the net I've find this Daruma's stamp from Etsy shop :D
I was in love with a purple tie dye tights from Topshop but are sold :( well this in this case are so cool too :)

If I have this super cute lipstick with cat form...I'll probably don't open it <3<3

Añadir leyenda
Super cookies specially for Halloween or for all the time :)
In one of my friday favorites I put the heart cup measurements (they are so lovely) but this with diferent colors are so cute too :P

jueves, 26 de abril de 2012

Raquel Reed pictures

Well I don't like Raquel Reed so much but I love a lot of her pics and I wanted to share it with you


Dale May photography

Dale May is a New York based Photographer specializing in Advertising, Editorial, Music, Celebrity, PR and Conceptual based imagery. You can see a lot of his work by the magazines Tattoo Life and Tattoo Energy

Let's take a look

So funny this adaptation of Star Wars

Titanic: the exhibition

Yesterday I went with my parents to see the Titanic's exhibition in Maritim Museum, Barcelona, and we thought that would be a normal exhibition but not! It was amazing and really really recommendable :D I can explain a lot because lost his magic but I only can say that you feel nearest with all the history around the tragedy and you learn a lot of unknown details.

I've put here a few pics of the Titanic and other beauty things that I've find :P

Look at this website is so amazing :)

And here some pics about objects found it in the Titanic

 If you are a passionate of Titanic's history take a look to this picture page