miércoles, 11 de abril de 2012

A few songs for this night :)

So this days I'm so excited for the Psycho meeting..well I know that is not now...june arrives please :P but with the publication of the promo and the welcome party this sunday I'm very happy and laughing all the time :P

For this reason and because when I came from a concert or a fest I have to put the music so loud and sing and sing :D, so here we have a few loud songs :D

                                                 " Indigo friends " Reverend Horton Heat

                                                 " Final kick " Tall Boys

                                              " Plastic and Concrete " The Magnetix

                                                 " Secret Club " The Peacocks

                                                     " Psycho Baby " Skitzo

                                                 " Clockwork Toy " Frenzy

                                              " Man with a Mission " The Blue Cats

This last song is for me the psycho meeting song of this year :D laugh, smiles, happiness and our friends...we don't need more!

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