viernes, 20 de abril de 2012

Friday Favorites: buy me things!

This week I have super cute things for all of us <3 enjoy it and if you it! :)

The mint thing of the month...lovely shoes and expensive too

I'm searching a lunch box, but I like too many and it's dificult to decide one of them :S, but this are so cool, I want the pirate one for Duck to put his tattoo machines :P

I try to collect tattoo books from tattooed people from the beginnings but it costs so much sometimes :S and this is my it so so much <3

When I see this girl that makes personalized swimsuits I fall in love, Jorx we need one of them and we need urgently!!!!

Another one for my sweet collection...well my imaginary collection :( $$$$ :(

Another thing too expensive...Sacred Hearts :(
Well...I have just discovered the best mint thing (sorry shoes :P)

An another to my imaginary collection :P, see all the items of this etsy shop because is so lovely <3

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