martes, 10 de abril de 2012

non Friday favorites

Sooo...back from Germany I have to put some things here for the few people that follow me <3

pd. Of course the pics of the weekend trip comes very soon :)

In love with moomin's and this is so cute <3, well if you give me some moomin's present I'm the happiest girl in the world :)
So you have to take a look to all this page because it's so cute :)

We adore tea cup and this is so perfect! Cat form <3

If heart steaky notes are lovely this are more than lovely

I don't like this necklace but it's so funny hehe

We were in Frankfurt on Sunday and we see the padlock tradition in one of the Main's bridge ( so I'm searching for a cute lovely heart padlock to make a necklace :P

I discovered this page the other day and I fell in love

Plunkett loves robots and I want this two for the collection :)

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