viernes, 11 de mayo de 2012

24 birthday party

05/05 is the day that I was born...and this year were 25!!!! So I want to celebrated with my bests and the best idea to made it was a barbecue! But this was on sunday...on saturday I have to work and I made with Pol's help a candy cake :D for my girls :P

I was so happy because the girls gave me a lot of kiko's nail polish <3<3<3

And sunday came and we have a really great day with our bests :D, Pol, Cristian, Silvixxx, Alex, my lovely Jorx and Rudy :D we were almost all but I have something pending with Nani and Myr

Pol, Cristian and my husb make me sweetie presents <3

Jorx mades for the occasion strawberry limonade <3 words, the best present something with forest fruits <3 and if Oscar made it it's better too <3 love them so much :D

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