viernes, 18 de mayo de 2012

Friday Favorites

So much things that I want and 00000$ :( :( but here you have a few little things for this week :)

I don't have luck with vans brand because I don't find my exact number :( but I'm in love with a lot of his shoes. The animal collection for kids is amazing...why they don't do the same for adult? :( all for children is always better than adult :( :P

And this for me are so beauty <3 

Every day I like Japanese cute things more and more, it's all so cute, sweet and colorfoul <3

This web is amazing, you have to take a look:

I love this two in special:

I'm searching for some lights because there are very nice to decorate the rooms and specially the walls...and this with flowers form are so nice :)

Nici is a plush brand that is expensive but with a really great quality, they have a lot of animals and not only plushes, they have key rings, cases, bags...

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