sábado, 19 de mayo de 2012

Psychobilly Party Boat!!!!

The wildest Psychobilly Party in a boat ever!!

If you think you had already seen everything in the Psychobilly Meeting, you are wrong!

This year we are attacked by sea and we must defend ourselves, and that’s why we ask all the pirates in the world who want to enroll in our Psycho-Crew for help.

The battle will take place in the Mediterranean Sea on the Costa Brava with the best Psychobilly music by the great buccaneers Psycho-Rebel and Sinner a Go-Go. We will sail to one of the most beautiful bays in the area , The Santa Cristina Cove in Lloret de Mar. There, we will stop to cool our throats and our bodies with a bath. Directly from the Atlantic Ocean - to be specific from Massachusetts (New York) - THE ARKHAMS, well-known North American corsairs, will enjoy our battle with their devil sailor chants!

Hurry up to buy your ticket now, as many are called but only a few are chosen (200 pirates), don’t miss the opportunity to join this special party to celebrate the 20th Anniversary! The wildest and the only Psychobilly party on a boat ever!!



Are you gonna miss it???
Run and buy your ticket..a really big party with dj’s, The Arkhams, pirate’s costumes and laughs :D

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