viernes, 1 de junio de 2012


So I'm free because I finish all the work class! and here I am :D

If you want to decorate your clothes, belts or anything else this is the best idea :)
The best idea to personalized and decorated your presents is this website, take a look :)
Since I was in Sweden I fell in love with Gina Tricot shop, good price, cute products...

Amazing rings from a Etsy shop

Fantastic idea to decorate your wall switch :) I want one of this :P
Another amazing Etsy shop, this case are handmade trinket boxes :)
Love Flamingos, and this cameo it's really cute, you can use it as a necklace or as a brooch too
More Flamingos <3
In love with this Blanco's T-shirt
Fantasctic necklaces from another Etsy shop...well, I love Etsy so...jjijij
A lot of tattoo tights :)
Love to put bones in my hair and this is too bigger but love it too :P
A website dedicated to plush machines in Japan!!!! hahaha so freak and funny

Orange view from Etsy

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