sábado, 28 de julio de 2012

10 psychobilly songs for the night

Tall Boys - Final Kick

Krewmen - Guy Fawkes

Klingonz - H.O.M.O

Magnetix - Plastic and concrete

Tazmanian Devils - Mary Lou

Retarded Rats - Lunacy

Skitzo - Terminal damage

Quakes - You're dead

Mad Dog Cole - Hell is what I'm used to

Long Tall Texans - Border radio

viernes, 27 de julio de 2012

Angelica Dass: Humanae

Humanae is a inventory chroma in skin based on the Pantone color system. Each of the characters appears with a background in the same color as their skin color. Really interesting and amazing the work of Angelica. See more at her website


See a few faces with more detail


Giesen Leenders

Most people will dress up like their friends or those they admire. And when talking to each other people will unconsciously mimic their body-language, like crossing their arms the same way at the same instance. "Mimicry" might be a mode for survival


miércoles, 25 de julio de 2012

Buy me things!

Not friday but I'm completely in love with instagram app and I have this place a little forgotten :$ so the best way to make a new entry is this: lovely things that you fall in love and wan to buy :P

Gnome light :), always want a gnome figure but normally or are very expensive or are uglys, this is so cute and perfect :P


Great notes for your keyboard


Match necklace, really original

 Love hearts, specially for a necklace


Marshmallows with footprint cat!!!! awesome the way to play with the food and made them more funny and cute

I need like 5 hands more to put all the rings that I have and I want :P jijiji, never are enough :P


Loooove all in this etsy shop, take a look and judge for yourself <3


Seahorse Bookends are so lovely, well I adore seahorse :P


Cute wall hanging with elephants and hearts


Natural lip balms by this etsy shop, and more natural products



sábado, 21 de julio de 2012

Later than never: Psycho Meeting 20th pics!

So, a few once of the best psycho festival in the world :P, sorry for the wait but it's summer and I can make anything with this heat :( so tired, so hot, the stifling sensation brought on by the heat...Quick pass summer!!!!