martes, 11 de septiembre de 2012

buy me things

so much work and no time for this :( unless you can follow be via instagram, I'm a fanatic so you can see a lot of pictures of my day by day :) /katepequitas

Here you have a few cute things that I've found :P

Catt egg boiler, I have a simple egg boiler with a chiken face but this is so so cute :)

I put some pretty notes but this with ghost form it's really great

Rose pink teardrop earrings, I've just fall in love with <3

Great idea to customize your pants or shorts

Disney dedicates a part of their shop to the best villains, and this glass is so great

And of course, the evil sorceress from Disney's Sleeping Beauty it's so special and very well made!!!

Freak idea for a cat bed, an original too

Fish, Bird, Dog & Cat is a line of animal food/candy. Organic food/candy which comes in a packaging with little windows. So you can easily see what product you’re buying for your pet.

Fantastic idea like make your stickers but in this case you can make your own erasers :D see the info here

Halloween is on the way so I'm searching oroginal ideas to make a great party :) this glass candle is so great!

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  1. Haha you say you have a simple egg boiler... but it has a chicken face? It must look gorgeous :)

  2. hahahahahaha is this!!


  3. No dejes de escribir por aquiii, ;)