jueves, 6 de diciembre de 2012

a few recent pics

Apart from the "things to buy" entry or entrys dedicated to wonderful photographers today I dedicated to me...well I wanted to post some recent pics from me and my world to show you a little more of me :)

pd. Thanks to all the people that follow me and read me but doesn't write...I really apreciate it <3. I post regularly on Instagram (/katepequitas) as well ;)

with my friend Pau at the Barcelona Tattoo Expo

our trip in Dublin :) it was so great to be back in irish lands
me so excited eating a veggie burger in Burger King
we stay there about the middle of october and all the city was decorated with Halloween motives <3<3
my favorite boys :)
more excited than eat a veggie burger was find a "all for 2€" shop with a lot of Halloween items!!!!! I become really crazy
fantastic views from the plane leaving Dublin :'(

18th oct Quakes concert! really great to take them pictures very near
my boys :) (Jaime, my husband, Cristian)
it was a great wrecking too! a lot of energy for a few minutes
one of my bests, Myr, spend a few days with us :) just the Halloween days :p

Halloween time! we have a great meal :)
d.i.y pumpkin! :P
The teenwolf team :), this night we celebrate Halloween in the cinema with "transilvanian hotel"
and the day of de deceased that was 1 of nov we make a visit to the cemetery (we live in front of them :P)
"The kiss of the dead" one of the most popular esculptures ever <3
I have to go to the doctor and I go with my mum for a walk to make time before entry, and Sagrada Familia was really near!
going for a walk with Jorx and her man :)
Rugby time in our neighborhood! Poble nou!
one of the thousand of pics that I have with Ginebra <3

Irene! a new best friend that is so fucking lovely <333
we go for a walk and curiosly she doesn't never go to the Boqueria market!
17th nov Long Tall Texans concert!!! love this guy
wrecking again!
Irene!!!!! <3333 I look like a turtle with this neck haha :P
Mum comes a few days to relax :)
the goodbye with Myr...she is in India for two months..I really miss her
views from the office at 7 am in the morning...looks amazing in person
We have holidays!!! Andorra time with my boys
the views from the hotel :)
spend the night at Caldea thermal center
excursion to Engolasters lake
pequitas :P
love to go to Andorra because all the places have a lot of forest fruit products <3
goodbye to Silvia...she is with her monkeys :) missing her too!

martes, 4 de diciembre de 2012

Roman Sakovich

I'm not here recently because I don't have time (normally I make this at work :P) and the second reason is because I don't have audience or I think so (no comments, no followers), but...here I am posting a little things :P

So, taken up again...here we have a photograph that wants to show the drugs effects through his pictures..take a look because it's really interesting and fascinating from my pont of view

Roman Sakovich born in 1986, studied photography at the Arts University College at Bournemouth and lives in London at the moment. The majority of his work investigates the development of an evolving post-Soviet society and the attendant cultural changes in a progressive world. Capturing it in the way he sees it, shaped by his multi-cultural upbringing.


And here you have the artist :)