lunes, 21 de enero de 2013

2013 is here!

Well...another absence for a few weeks but it was Christmas and I have class tests for the university...but hey here I am! trying to put some nice things to everyone :D

Here you have a few pics from the christmas holidays and new year :)

great diy Christmas supper with my husband, it was so special <3
One of my besties, Jorx it's now living in Germany so she cames to say goodbye :P (but she returns for a few days this week :P)
we have take the habit to go to the pub to see the rugby on sundays, sundays are better since we do it :)
new years eve party was a little bit strange but well it was ok, we take the family portrait as always :)
we take a pic together to show it to our friends that couldn't come to the party
we found a new place to eat, it's call "taverna sonora" and it's like an irish pub but with all classic american football decoration, the food is really good (they have veggie burgers!) and we have it near our house so it's perfect!
sunday 6 was the traditional day named "dia de reis", kings day, it's like santa claus, we go for a walk and stay near de sea :)

the same day, the 6, my parents came to our house :)
and a few days later I go to my parent's house and I stay with a friend, Judit :)
the best thing to go to my parents house is my cat Molly <3
Irene and me have the fatty afternoon with a lot of donuts <3

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  1. Haha I love the photo that you took for your friends who couldn't come. You are so pretty :)