martes, 29 de enero de 2013

Shopping Spree

Buy buy and buy...I know, it's not friday but I have a lot of links of cute shops and I wanted to show it now for all of you :D, hope that you can find something interesting that you fell in love with it

Bunny scissors in 3 diferent colors...cute idea to have and suport your scissors

Animal shopping bag to bring it to your purse every time

headbands with's the novelty nowadays...and you can find it in ebay for a cheap cheap price
Galactic dress, love the colors <3
Love you necklace in a letter
Take a special look to all in this web because it's all adorable and cute...the pitty is the prices :(
Natural flower lamps, I love all of them, their colors and the light

Freak pink ring, take a look to this shop too ;)
Awesome bat case for the samsung note :( I want it for my samsung mini 2 !!!!
Another shop that you have to look <3 <3 <3 really cute, specially this pen
Tattoo print heart tights :p
Sweet idea for a hat in this cold winter

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