viernes, 8 de marzo de 2013

Moments of the month: February

In this case it was more than 10 pictures :P

starting the month with this beauty <3
ikea time of the month with the girls :)

Dropkick Murphys show with the boys :) a really great night full of laughs
Munster comes to Barcelona :D the favorite rugby team of my husband come to town to play a friendly match, it was so exciting :D
our happy faces in the event
the 12th comes and with him the last psycho meeting line up!
Ginebra and her new pink lace <3
two days with my redlips sister :)

the best moment of my life, Mahones playing Cocktail Blue exclusively for me
and of course the fan tattoo photo <3

The Meteors show in Barcelona, a rare night with a lot of strange people...but it was good to say hello to our friends
for the first time I can touch a lizard...great experience :P
to finish the month...we go to a restaurant, Fresco co

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